A bad breath can spoil something romantic going on with your loved one, so it is important to have it treated immediately. Bad breath or halitosis can be prevented by exercising proper oral hygiene. This will include cleaning and brushing your teeth very regularly. Also, flossing will be very helpful in doing the same.

It may be difficult to have your breath smelled by your seatmate, family, or even friends. But you can have it prevented, cured, or even make your self-test to know if you have it. Here are tips on how to test and cure bad breath:
1.) One of the simplest tests to know if you have bad breath is by flicking your wrist. Have it dry for at least five seconds. As soon as it dries, smell it. How does it smell to you? That’s how you smell, rather your breath smells when you air it out.
2.) If you are sure that you have a bad odor in your mouth, strengthen your oral hygiene. You don’t have to overdo it but make sure that you still do it regularly. Using some more oral hygienic materials like breath fresheners and mouth wash will also promote a better smell inside your mouth.

The situation above is a mild cause of halitosis. There are worse cases of this oral condition that involves surmounting a bad smell. This is characterized by a really bad odor that never goes away even if you brush your teeth all the time. Even minutes right after brushing, you will have that bad smell in your mouth. Contact a reputed dental professional when already experiencing such.

Bad breath is usually caused by bacteria that thrive around the mouth, especially in the posterior of the tongue. The tongue is composed of the anterior, which is the front most, and the posterior, which is the back part. Bacteria are often accumulated on the teeth, the tongue, and mouth walls. The tongue is the most prevalent place for bacteria.

You can also do a good self-test if you have this condition through the tip below:
1.) Get a spoon, preferably a metal spoon to do the test. Scrape the posterior part of your tongue. Don’t worry if there is a whitey matter in the spoon after scraping. That is just normal, and that is what the procedure is all about.
2.) Smell the white matter. If it has a bad odor, you are sure that you have oral bacteria living in your posterior that is causing the bad smell.
3.) Continue your regular oral hygiene but this time, use a more efficient and proven mouth wash or deodorizer to take the bad odor away. The best time to use these materials is before bedtime.
4.) Use a tongue cleaner and do the cleaning right at the back of your tongue.
5.) Drink plenty of fluids but avoid too much coffee and alcohol because these drinks usually leave residues in the posterior of your tongue, which will even worsen your case.
6.) Make it a point to clean your teeth and mouth when you have eaten fish and meat. Dairy products must also be treated in the same way.
7.) Whenever you feel your mouth is a bit dry, chew sugar-free chewing gum. Doing so will increase the saliva production in your mouth, which is the natural cleanser and maintenance of your oral system.
8.) Fresh and fibrous foods will also help you maintain clean and fresh breath, so take them often.
9.) Seek the advice of a dental professional to permanently cure your oral condition.