Is it surprising to learn that 50% of Americans complain of bad breath problems? At least 50% or higher of people in most countries say they suffer from bad breath. It is amazing to learn how many people deal with this problem that is generally not spoken about. So, what are we supposed to do? What are the cures for bad breath?

Most people are aware of the things that cause bad breath. It is the bacteria that live on the surfaces of the teeth, gums, tongue, and cheeks that are the thing that causes bad breath. Once that knowledge is acknowledged, you have an easier time avoiding bad breath causes.

One major step to cure bad breath is to minimize the food supply available to the bacteria that cause bad breath. The volatile sulfur compounds which cause bad breath are waste byproducts created by anaerobic oral bacteria when they digest proteins. Individuals that consume a mostly vegetarian diet composed mostly of fruits and vegetables should have fewer bad breath problems than someone who has a diet that is high in protein-rich food like meat. This does not mean that everyone who suffers from bad breath should switch to a vegetarian diet. The point is for people to remember to thoroughly clean their mouths after eating, especially after eating foods that are high in protein content. After finishing a meal extremely small food particles remain in the mouth. They become lodged in places like, in between teeth and on certain parts of the tongue. It is in these precise locations that the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath live. So by not cleaning their mouths properly, a person is providing these bacteria with a constant food supply over an extended period.

Another cure for bad breath is baking soda. You have heard it before is toothpaste commercials, right? There are certain brands of toothpaste that are made with baking soda. But did you know that you can clean your mouth with the baking soda you buy from the store? Make a paste of baking soda and water. You can mix it with natural toothpaste for taste then, use it in the removal of the coating on your tongue. You can also gargle a solution of baking soda and water. Baking soda is so useful in the fight against bad breath because it alters the ph in your mouth. It makes your mouth a less friendly environment for the growth of bacteria.

Drinking unsweetened brewed green tea several times a day may also help in the fight against bad breath. The polyphenols in tea, especially green tea, are extremely good at slowing the growth of bacteria. Plus, drinking the tea will help keep our mouth moist, discouraging bacteria from thriving in a dry environment. Plus, the unalloyed copper in the tea acts as a natural tongue scraper.

While there are a few home remedies or old wives tales that people have tried over the years to rid themselves of bad breath, these things work the best. Plus, they are easy to do, cheap, and easy to find.